Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Year 2 feedback Term 4

We have computer ‘experts’ to help when teacher was busy.
Easy access at all times, ie, can use it in all areas, at any time of day.
Extended the range of activities available.
Is a great motivation tool.
There are always new things to find and use online.

There are only 5 computers available and often more than this in a maths/reading group.
Internet doesn’t always ‘want’ to connect.
Difficult to incorporate into already established class routines, etc.
Work is often unfinished during their ‘turn’ on rotation.

Would be great to have a wider range of games available. We have a lot of outdated games which no longer work but would be great to have updated versions!

Year 3 trial feedback so far

This is the feedback from the Lead Teacher in Year 3. It is important to note that the team has less laptops than other teams, and it is still quite early in the trial.


Can integrate ICT into all curriculum areas
Can have 3 children completing all the days work on a laptop
Laptops are available at all times of the day


I feel I am using them less now because:
Some days I need all children to be writing in their book or completing a task therefore the laptops are sitting unused
An ICT task set takes weeks for all children to complete whereas with 10 computers the whole class can be finished a task in 1-2 days

Prefer – having allocated time slots with the whole COW because I can focus in on teaching skills with a group of 10-11 kids while the others work independently then swap over. I cannot teach 3 children and then have the rest of the class working independently. Tasks can be completed in a short space of time rather than dragging out for 2 weeks. ICT can still be integrated into all curriculum areas, it is up to the teacher to ensure that tasks set cover the entire curriculum and that a variety of programmes are used to complete these tasks.

Year 6 final review

1.All teachers in the team like having access to the same resources each day (ease of access, saving work to the desktop if necessary, bookmarking specific sites for the class).
2.The children are able to run on an activity rotation to complete ICT related tasks.
3.We will now trial having one block a week each class in order to teach specific skills and then re-distribute for the remainder of the day.
4. The team would like more laptops and mobile devices to incorporate into our programmes.