Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Action Research Proposal

CBS - Lead by Rochelle Stansfield, Sarah Wallace and the e-Learning Team.

Audience for proposal:
Belinda (Eastnet Cluster), CBS staff

To have a sustainable, authentic digital learning environment that shows progress of our students learning at CBS.

Learning Intentions:
To explore and implement ways of sharing learning using digital strategies and resources available in our school, especially the things you can't put in books.

All year and beyond.

T1: Develop a spiral of skills/expectations that are age/level appropriate. Ensure that there is a specific purpose of the digital strategy, eg 'Can we see this evidence in the child's books?' 'Is it showing a specific goal or learning intention?'
T2-4: Implement staff training via the e-Learning team in how to use the equipment effectively and appropriately. Ensure that digital evidence is uploaded to each child's ultranet page.

Ethical considerations:
Check that children have signed and understand the Cybersafety agreement.

Release for development and implementation
Staff training sessions
Budget for equipment - flip minos, easispeaks
Access to relevant programmes - Newsmaker, Garageband (podcasting)

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Anonymous said...

I have decided to modify this proposal. No longer is it necessary for the children to upload their work onto Ultranet. This can be displayed in their classrooms on walls, etc. I feel that limiting it to Ultranet was no longer feasible or constructive to the purpose of the research.