Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Feedback from Year 2

After a fortnight of trialling the split, here is the feedback that they have given me:
  • Turn taking - children end up with a longer amount of time on the laptops throughout the week doing meaningful tasks
  • Other kinds of activities have been included in the day to day programmes (such as shared book activities)
  • Bookmarks and links have made it easier for children to locate websites that are pertinent to them
  • Workstations - task boards and tumble boards are being used
  • ICT is being integrated more effectively - no longer a stand alone thing!
  • Children don't like others 'hanging' around - this has been addressed with the premise that their name will be put at the bottom of the tumble
  • Children need to be upskilled on troubleshooting - such as opening the wrong file or website
  • Younger or less capable children need assistance from either older peers, teacher aides or teachers when uploading or converting files for their Ultranet pages

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