Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Assembly item

It was my Team's turn to present at the recent school assembly. I had a few ideas in my head of how I wanted to do this. Firstly, I wanted every child to be actively involved in the assembly. Secondly, I did not want any 'wait' time between transitions, as this is generally the time when chatter from the audience starts and someone has to interrupt the flow of things to settle everyone back down. My idea initially was to have all the music edited, etc ready to go at the push of a button. Unfortunately, when this was put into practice, flicking from movies to music (back and forth from app to app) it was going to be a technical nightmare and I really didn't enjoy the prospect of accidentally clicking on the wrong one! The answer to my problem dawned on me - put EVERYTHING back into imovie, then create one Quicktime movie that would play from the beginning to the end. So that is exactly what I did - seamless!! That's right, folks, we are living in a digital world :O)

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