Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Visit to Summerland Primary

Well, this is just what I needed - some fresh, new ideas to get me a little bit excited! Firstly, I have come to the realisation that laptops and computers need to be in classes so that they can be easily integrated into the classroom programme. I was really impressed to see that there was evidence of work that integrated ICT on the walls of the classes. It was evident on our visit that the seamless integration of ICT was because the teachers knew that they had the same equipment in their rooms each day and there was no guess work as to 'whether the laptops were charged, did it have the right programmes, was everything going to load properly, is the desktop set up how I need it to be??' I really loved the idea of naming the equipment - cartoon characters and sports people - what a cool idea! Much easier to remember a name as opposed to a crazy number/letter identification exercise! It simply no longer works for me to have the system we currently have in place - COW's for each team, timetables, an ICT suite. The learning is disjointed and there doesn't seem to be consistency. So if this is what I think, what do the rest of the staff think? I think a survey is required!

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