Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The NEW Action Research Proposal

Action Research Proposal

CBS - Lead by Rochelle Stansfield

Audience for proposal:
Belinda (Eastnet Cluster), CBS staff

To investigate different ways of distributing ICT resources to maximise integration and productivity of students at CBS.

Learning Intentions:
To explore and implement different systems in distributing ICT resources within the Year 1 and Year 6 teams and monitor their productivity via surveys, observations and output.

Terms 2 - 4

Term 2 - Survey all staff as to how they would prefer resources to be allocated. Distribute equipment according to the needs in the survey
Distribute equipment in the same manner we have done so far this year (set block bookings for each class - 12 laptops for 4 - 5 sessions per week)
Term 3 - Distribute 3 laptops plus 1 desktop per class, all day, every day, with systems in place for storage, charging, etc
Term 4 - (Beginning) Survey children and staff in the team to do a direct comparison between the two systems and analyse results
Present findings to the team, staff and cluster

Ethical considerations:
Check that children have signed and understand the Cybersafety agreement.

Release for development, implementation and logistics
Team training sessions

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Belinda said...

This is a very tight proposal - love it! Very achievable in the time available but also very worthwhile. I think there will be a number of people interested in your findings including myself!